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Chandrika Hi-Tech Modern Rice Mill, Shortened to CRM Rice Mill is a Proud Parboiled rice manufacturer in India, It also Manufactures Double Polished, Swarna, and Sona Masuri rice varieties under the brand name CHANDRUDU MARK (Moon Brand in English) rice varieties. Chandrika has emerged as a frontrunner within the specialty rice category and is maybe the foremost vital among the principles that created an enormous difference within the quality of a lifetime of its farmer suppliers.

Chandrika provides customers with a new alternative by giving a rare assortment of rice that is the high worth different to commodity and different normal rice presently obtainable from domestic growers. Believing within the proven fact that the client includes an evidenced right to demand the best quality product. Being a manufacturer of the highest quality Indian Basmati Rice and Non-Basmati Rice (White & Parboiled Rice), Chandrika Rice Exports provide complete satisfaction to its client at the extent of top quality, Best Competitive rating, Timely delivery, packing customization, and every one different aspect.

We tend to guarantee a relentless effort to pass on the advantage of the most effective costing to our reputable Buyers/Customers. We endeavor to supply superior quality to our clients across the world, thus we tend to procure the most effective quality paddy from the globe notable historic Basmati growing region – foothill of the Himalayas.

It is a second-generation rice mill with Hi-Tech status. We inherited our brand name and expertise from the Chandrika Rice Mill, an upcoming silver jubilee concern known for its best quality offering to date. Neither we nor our consumers compromised on quality. The quality definition of rice was getting changed with time. Our commitment to offering only quality rice at any cost made us implement all new Rice Milling Technology. As a result, we adopted the best rice milling technology to date offered by BUHLER to continue our growth in quality. Thus, our tag line “Hi-Quality through Hi-Technology” speaks on our behalf.

Chandrika has attained the trust and confidence of consumers around the world by following a policy of fulfilling the commitments on merchandise, worth quality & delivery either huge or less, every consumer receives the same attention and dedicated service and it’s for these reasons that have steadily grown and accomplish greater and bigger success.

We have the expertise and ability to make sure that every one assignment is completed as smoothly as your dream comes back through. All operations are perpetually monitored and managed by this finely honed and knowledgeable cluster that ensures that the corporation retains and excels additional in the build-up of its name as an internationally best-known rice producing company.

Chandrika is a distinctive player with skillfulness in business practices and a native understanding of the region, however additionally a worldwide player that focuses to satisfy all its customers with style and its benchmark quality rice.