Types of Rice’s

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Rinse the Rice

Brand of rice you are using – but rinsing does remove any starch and excess residue that can cause the rice to turn out sticky or “gummy.” Also, I do find rinsing 2 or 3 times improves the flavor.

Cook the rice in a pot with a heavy bottom.

This will give the rice a thinner crust – copper is an excellent choice.

Don’t use salt or butter when cooking plain rice

Adding seasonings to rice during cooking kills its natural sweet flavor.

Don’t use Stale Rice If your rice is taking longer than usual to cook, you may want to check how long it has been sitting in the cupboard. Older rice can lose some of its moisture, requiring more water and a longer cooking time than fresh rice.

On Nights When You’re in a Rush, Soak the rice in cold waterBesides speeding up the cooking time, this will give the rice a softer, fluffier texture, so if you prefer rice with a firmer texture, save this for nights when you’re in a real hurry.

Save Leftover Cooked Rice to Make Fried Rice

Leftover rice is perfect for making fried rice. Just be sure to follow food safety instructions for storing cooked rice – cool down and refrigerate the rice as quickly as possible, within a maximum of 1 1/2 hours (if necessary, divide the rice into separate dishes to help cool down more quickly).

Don’t use Instant or Precooked Rice

Large bags of long grain white rice are available in Asian markets and most supermarkets – Dragon King is a good brand.