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Cleaning & Hulling

Dried paddy contains dust and impurities. They are cleaned thoroughly by the grain removing only the husk and not the nutritious germ part of the grain thus retaining the nutritious value of the grain.

3 Stage Whitening

Whitening is the process of degrading the at three stages with each stage being gentle on grain still retaining the grain part. Thus the grain becomes easy to digest as well as nutritious along with a bright finish after whitening.

Double Polishing

To enhance the glossy appearance of every grain of rice, they are polished with a spray of purified water. After polishing, rice glitters when seen at eye level in front of the light. This is the process that determines the shelf life of the rice. This process is very carefully monitored at DHM Rice Mill thus retaining the average shelf life of rice when compared to polished rice of other mills.

Dual Grading

Grading is the process of removing the broken from head rice thus maintaining uniformity in size of every single grain. Single grading is not always successful in achieving the result. So, we have dual grading for completely restricting the mix of broken rice into the final product.

Optical Sorting

Optical Sorting is the final quality control and enhancement step in the rice mill. Discolored grains are removed to yield a first-grade product. This is achieved by Buhler’s SORTEX+, which is imported and sets the standard for the typical export quality rice.

Weighing & Packing

We have achieved uniformity in weights for bags belonging to their respective sizes with the installation of a bag filling machine that is PLC controlled ensuring accuracy in set weights. We can pack any size between 1 to 100 KG packs. The stitching is firm and uniform with the nylon threads. We also deal with private label packings as per the customer cool dry go down free from dust and foreign particles.